Art Review Submission


Art Review Submission Protal

Google Form and Google Sheet can be used to automate any process and different workflows can be implemented.

Art Review Submission Product is a prince of google form and google sheet with integration of google drive. Its extreme ease of use make it one of the top solution for Art Review and submission.

The work flow of this product is based on the following points:

  • Vendor will fill the online form section by section.
  • Authenticity is based on email address and name from the drop down.
  • Vendor name and email id will be already entered by the app owner in backhand Google Sheet.
  • There is three supervisors on the back end to review the uploads.
  • This section will be fillup with all the details about product of upload
  • Vendor will upload the attachments.
  • This form is the remaining part of above form.
  • Attachment can be of any extension file.
  • For multiple files vendor can make one PDF upload.
  • At the end to verify that entry is done by human and prevent from any sort of malicious activity.
  • When user will click on the add file label than Google Drop Box windows will be open
  • Vendors have three options to select file
    • New upload from PC
    • Use file on Drop Box
    • Recent files used
  • Folders will be auto generated according to the list of vendors in Google Sheet
  • Each folder will consist of three sub folders and upload file will by default save in Art to be Approved folder
  • Once the final decision made on upload file the file will be move to Approved or Not Approved folder
  • After form submission vendor and owner of the project will receive email notification about upload
  • Data will automatically feed in to Google Sheet
  • This is remaining part of above file. Here the Power user will check the file
  • Power user will checkout and make the selection to either approve or disapprove and than check in back
  • On disapprove an email notification will be send to vendor with comments of rejection
  • If the power user approved the file and check in back than an email notification will be send to second and third supervisor
  • Data from power user sheet will be copy to second and third supervisor
  • This sheet is for second supervisor. Here the second supervisor will review the file using file link and he have rights to approve or disapprove
  • Second and Third supervisor work flow is same. They will approve or disapprove
  • Over all approval process is based on following:
    • If all three supervisor approve the file than it will considered as approved
    • Approved by two supervisor will considered as partial approved
    • Rejection by two supervisor will be considered as rejectd
  • On completion of all the three review the status on power user page will be update as approved/ partial approved/ rejected
  • Email notification will be send to vendor
  • Owner of this product can see some statistics on the form